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Spend an adventurous year overseas serving with an Epic Movement missional team, as you use your personal life testimony as a bridge to faith and as an expression of God’s glory in your life. You can bring the gospel to those that don’t know Christ and help raise up a movement!

STINT stands for Short Term INTernational. The STINT Internship program lasts about a year (depending on location), typically starting and ending during each summer. We are currently sending STINT teams to the following locations:

  • East Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Japan (2017 – 2018 academic year)

A few reasons to go on STINT:

  1. Changed Lives: God is in the business of changing lives through Jesus. His primary plan – His plan A – for this is to use people just like you.
  2. The Harvest is (Ridiculously) Plentiful: Jesus said it, “The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few”. There is an overwhelming desire and need students have to know Christ. Who will tell them? Why not you? The best, the most fruitful, way to share the reality of Jesus Christ with students of the world, is to send students to take that message to them.
  3. Calling: The idea and misunderstanding of this word, calling, is one of the biggest obstacles students face when considering an opportunity like STINT. “How do I know I am called to this? Where exactly is God calling me?” Don’t let this paralyze you. Someone once said that the need institutes calling. Why wouldn’t God want you to prayerfully consider this?

Epic Movement FAQs, Articles, and Resources

“I’ve have more questions about how this works.” Here you go!

I’m interested in going into vocational Christian work, but my parents don’t want me to.” If you are wrestling through this issue, please click here to read an article.

Who came up with this support-raising idea?” If you are wrestling through this issue, please click here to read an article.

I’m seriously thinking about vocational Christian work, but how can I be sure of God’s will?” If you are wrestling through this issue, please click here to read an article.

To Apply

To begin the process of applying for either an internship or STINT visit:
Apply for an Epic Internship/Stint

Deadlines And Late Fees
The deadline for submitting completed applications is March 1st, 2017. An application is complete when we have received your application, biographical material, all elaboration forms and questionnaires, all references, your signature page, and application fee. We can’t guarantee the processing of any late applications, AND there is a $50 non-refundable late application fee. Earlier is better!

Important Information
Make sure you put as your preferences that you are applying with Epic Movement national or other Epic teams so that we will receive the info for Epic.

You will need to attend the STINT/Intern Kick-off Conference in your region. This conference is to help train you how to develop ministry partners and raise your financial support.

If you are going on STINT, the briefing for STINT will be sometime in August 2017.