“I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be involved in the emotional and spiritual growth of students, to serve alongside them, and live life together with them.”  – An intern in southern CA

God is transforming the lives of students through Epic all over the country and the world.  Whether you’re part of a team working on a traditional 4 year school, a community college, or something in between, Epic staff apply their training and knowledge to launch movements that impact campuses, communities, and families. Teams of interns, full time staff, and part-time staff use their gifting to ensure that not only lives are changed but cultures as well, and that students see their unique place in God’s redemptive plan. These are the teams that are making kingdom things happen on campus.

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“God had prepared us to have so much in common that I was able to share my life story and introduce our God and Savior to her!” -East Asia Summer Project Participant

Imagine yourself walking the streets of Tokyo, or browsing a city market in East Asia while building relationships with university students and talking with them about your relationship with God. You have the opportunity to take the life-changing message of the gospel to students around the world!  Whether it’s through a summer project or a year of living overseas on STINT (Short-Term International: one year internship overseas), there are over 100 million university students in the world waiting for you to intersect the story of their lives. Is He asking you to be a part?

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“When I joined Epic staff, I wanted to serve in an administrative role even with my campus ministry background. God wired me to enjoy event planning, and I like that I can use my gifts for His kingdom.”-Jason Poon, National Conference and Events Coordinator

Everyday we’re solving new challenges that keep us from fulfilling our mission. Our national teams develop creative solutions to reach students and ensure that our campus teams have what they need to take the Gospel to every corner on campus. We want leaders in technology, marketing, writing, media and design, and many other specialized skills because we need great solutions in these areas to solve our greatest obstacles in Epic. If you want to serve the Lord and use skills from finance to web development we’ve got you covered. Who says you can’t use your degree in ministry?

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