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The San Francisco Bay Area has become the center for cultural controversy and progressive idealism. San Francisco is one of the largest cities in the US. As the world continues to urbanize, with an estimated 70 percent of the world living in cities by 2050, it will continue to attract people of all colors, creeds and classes. Today the city is known for its growing technology, tolerant alternative lifestyles, and the arts. In addition, 30 percent of San Francisco’s population is Asian American. This reality will be highly valuable as we challenge you to understand and engage your own culture.

The San Francisco Summer Mission will focus on developing you into a leader. As you grow in your identity and as you minister in a variety of contexts (campus ministry, inner-city ministry, mercy ministry), you will develop insight and abilities to engage those of different backgrounds and experiences. You will gain invaluable ministry skills in the context of rich, authentic community. As a team we will be empowered with the gospel and we will trust God to transform the city. Jesus’ heart broke for the city and it is where He primarily ministered. We trust God to come alive in and through us this summer.

Wherever you are called, you will know how to minister to your city.