Serve With Us Part Time


Are you ready to make an eternal investment in the lives of college students, and you have 2 – 4 days a week?  We want to show you how.  If you feel called to our mission and you want to be a part of an Epic Legacy Year but serving full-time is not the best option, you can be a part of a Legacy Year on a part-time basis from 10 – 29 hours a week.

Like our full-time staff, part-time Epic staff participate in a Legacy Year and lead in evangelism and discipleship. You will be a part of a team seeking to reach students with the Gospel, build students in their faith, and send students to the world.  Because students’ hours are flexible, serving part-time can also be flexible with your schedule and will allow you to work another part-time job or complete your degree if necessary.  Part-time Epic staff is open to both undergraduate students and graduates.

The part-time Epic staff position is not an hourly position but is a salaried position based on your level of involvement.  Your level of involvement is measured by the responsibilities that you will have.  Please refer to the Four Levels of Involvement sheet for more information and an estimate of the number of hours expected at each level.

A base salary is set for each level of involvement, which you can view on the reference sheet as well.  Based on your location in the country, a cost of living salary multiplier may apply to adjust your salary to an appropriate level.  There are no benefits offered for Epic part-time staff.

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