The Epic Movement brand identity system has been developed to accurately reflect our character and consistently express what makes our brand unique. This page will have our current logos and will highlight some of the basic rules and guidelines for correctly using our logo and brand. Our logo is a symbol of our organization and needs to be used appropriately to protect our name, symbols, and reputation.

We have recently (late 2013) been approved as a “registered” (®) brand and need to make some new adjustments. Previously we were trademarked (™) but not registered. We need to remove the ™ logos from our materials and replace them with the ® versions.

Your primary source for our guidelines are in our “Style Guide”. Click here to download Epic Branding One Page Style Guide

(Click here for Cru branding resources and Cru Branding FAQs.)

Please note the content below is an abbreviated version of the Style Guide. 

Guidelines & Rules

Our logo should be on all media and materials that we produce. This would include print, websites, brochures/flyers, t-shirts, etc. Please immediately begin to implement our new registered logo while following the rules below:

  • Our logo should always be easily viewable on the product or material.
  • Do not take apart or rearrange logo.
  • Colors should be “Epic colors”, not school colors, refer to the Style Guide (link above).
  • Epic Movement should be spelled with a capital “E” and lowercase “pic”. Don’t use all capitals, e.g., “EPIC”.
  • When writing “Epic” more than once in a document, use “Epic Movement” once the first time, and then you can subsequently use “Epic” or “Epic Movement”.

National Level, Local Level, and Sub-names

Anything produced at a national level must always use our logo with “A Cru Ministry” subtext. A national level material will be anything that is produced by one of the national teams (LD, FM, GM, OPS, ENET) and/or a material that is meant to be used on a national level.

A local level movement has the choice of either using our logo with “A Cru Ministry” or without “A Cru Ministry” for your materials.

Do not create a sub-name when including the name of your campus with “Epic Movement”. Use “at” in your description. Some schools will revoke your club status for misuse of their name (which is a copyright infringement). For example:

“Epic Movement at UC Irvine” (correct)
“Epic Movement at UCLA” (correct)
“UC Irvine Epic Movement” (incorrect)
“Epic UC Irvine” (incorrect)


Right click on the logos below to save to your computer:

Epic Movement Logo (without Cru)

Epic Movement Logo (with Cru)

epic logo reg endorsement_GRAYSCALE