Legacy Year Day-to-Day


Our focus each day is to live out the Greatest Commandment, to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and to love others as ourselves.  But you may be wondering what that looks like. Here are some ways it will be lived out if you join us for an Epic legacy year:

Evangelism through Story

Every person and community has a backstory, a story with origins and heritage and identity-shaping influences. We want you to grow in your knowledge of your own story, and how God will use it to speak His good news to others. We hope you will grow in confidence in bringing the hope of eternal life to others, in a way that only you can!  Every day on campus you will have opportunities to meet one on one, in small groups, or in large group settings communicating the Gospel message to those God is drawing to Himself. Come and live your story with us as you impact the lives of others and grow in the Lord. 

Discipleship through Servant Leadership and Empowerment

At our core we are about giving power away and serving for the sake of others. This isn’t just working really hard for others, or being “boundary-less” in our lives, but being leaders who help students grow as leaders and in their relationship with God. You will coach students in leading small groups and lead them yourself, you will shepherd student leaders as they lead in prayer, events, and other fellowship settings. You will also work with the other staff on your team to set direction for your movements so that we ensure we are focused on fulfilling the Great Commission.  Epic is about creating an environment so that leaders can thrive, and making space for our students and staff to step into the authority to lead in the context of mission.

Personal growth and Development through Identity and Emotional Maturity

We live in community with others while not losing ourselves, we honor diversity, and we see how each unique person, group, and culture contributes distinct value to the whole.  At the same time, our development and spiritual transformation are to touch every area of our lives!  You will be on a team, working with others not just to “do” ministry, but to grow in communication, responsibility, conflict resolution, and other interpersonal and organizational skills. You will be called on to learn what it means to be a professional in the workforce.  You will also be trained in practical ministry, fine tuning your skills in evangelism and discipleship, and beginning to develop your own ideas and philosophy of ministry.