What to Expect When You Apply

Here you’ll find the basic overview of the application process. While much of the work is accomplished by forms, we want this process to be personal and to serve you along the way. As a movement, Epic is committed to your growth and development. A sending associate will be working with you throughout the process and is committed to make an acceptance decision and offer feedback directed to where you are in your journey with the Lord.


Start Application

Step 1: Complete and submit your Online Application (complete your questionnaire and pay the application fee) before the application deadline, March 1st. The application that you will complete is not an Epic Movement specific application but a general application for all Cru interns and part-time staff (the Epic Movement is the Asian American college ministry of Cru).

Step 2: Complete any follow up application steps (emails, phone calls) as initiated by the sending associate assigned to your application.

Step 3: Once approved, you will receive a Pre-Acceptance decision within 2-4 weeks from the date that we received your completed application materials, (this includes all of the completed references).

Step 4: If you receive a Pre-Acceptance to an Epic Legacy Year or STINT, you will receive a short form titled “Medical/Psychological Form” to ensure your fitness to serve under the unique pressures of ministry both physically and emotionally.

Step 5: Upon completion of the “Med-Psych Form”, you will receive your Final Acceptance decision.

Step 6: If you are accepted as an intern, we will immediately send you information to attend our Legacy Year & STINT Kickoff Weekend, typcally during the 3rd weekend of April. This is a REQUIRED event for all those participating in STINT or aLegacy Year either full or part-time.

Step 7: Attend the Kickoff Weekend. During this weekend you will be officially hired, receive 8 or more hours of training to develop your financial support team over the summer, and connect with other Epic interns, STINTers, and part-time staff as you begin your work with Epic.