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Have you heard the Epic Movement vision, and want to be a part of our mission?  Ready to make a longer-term investment beyond an internship or part-time staff that will bear fruit for eternity, both in others and in your own heart?

Each of our Epic full-time staff believes in the value and dignity with which God has created each culture and individual.  Each of our staff is passionate about sharing the hope of His good news in ways that honor people and contexts.

Whether you join the pioneering and building efforts on campus teams from New York to Texas to California, or the national leadership of Epic Movement, becoming full-time staff is an investment.  It is a commitment beyond just one year, to serve the mission for its long-term success and fruitfulness.  Full-time staff is joining the Epic community, in a way that allows you to be developed in your leadership, and to pass on what you have learned to those after you!

We want to help you explore what it means to be Epic full-time staff, wherever you may be in the process of considering the possibility.  Right now, we are praying for someone with your time, your skills and your vision to join us. There are many teams to join within Epic, from our field locations in NY across to CA, or perhaps using some of your unique skills to serve on one of our national teams which support all that God is doing locally on the college campus.

We are praying for you, as you step out in faith.  Be part of our mission and community to transform the world, and be transformed forever as we do so!

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