If this Excel spreadsheet doesn’t scare you and your eyes haven’t glazed over yet, keep reading. . . .

For some of us, numbers and spreadsheets are our friend and we have no problems working with them.  Unfortunately, for the majority of the people involved in ministry, this is not the case.  We have amazing staff and student leaders who are gifted at connecting with students, sharing the gospel and organizing events.  Many of these leaders stumble over the very necessary but often tedious financial aspects of ministry with dire consequences. In effect, we impact the hearts and lives of students by providing the skills, training, and services that are needed to steward our financial resources.

If your gifting is in the area of finance and accounting, would you consider using your gifts to serve with us?

The day to day tasks:

  • Create budgets to best steward the allocation of the funds that God provides to our ministry
  • Track the spending of our teams and ministries to ensure they are staying within the budget parameters
  • Create reports and reconcile accounts to help monitor all of the financial activity
  • Approve and process payments to vendors and individuals
  • Oversee finances for national events:  conferences, events, and summer projects
  • Train and equip staff to lead in finances on their campuses and summer projects

We are looking for someone who is/has:

  • A BA/BS degree
  • A basic understanding of financial activity and foundational principles
  • Customer service, analytical, and/or Finance background a plus but not necessary
  • An aptitude for or mastery of PeopleSoft Financials and Google Docs/Microsoft Office
  • Critical thinking skills and the ability to handle a multi-faceted flow of strategic information
  • The skills to be a team player yet is self-motivated to work independently
  • Personally experiencing character growth